Purging archived specimens from the system

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There may come a time when it will be necessary to purge the database of archived specimens. This service is especially useful to institutions that must recycle a limited number of Specimen IDs.

Opening the Record Purging Screen

  1. Click Purge in the Navigation Menu under Admin.
    Navigation Menu
    Admin > Purge

  2. The Record Purging Screen will appear. This screen allows a date range to be specified for purging. It also allows a mailing address to be entered where the purging data can be mailed if desired.
    Record Purging Screen

Requesting a Record Purge

  1. Enter a range of dates in which records will be purged.
    1. Enter the beginning date of the range in the Begin Date text box, or leave it empty to purge all of the oldest available specimens.
    2. Enter the ending date of the range in the End Date text box.
  2. Click the check box next to I would like a copy of the data if a copy of the purged data is needed and enter the mailing address to which a copy of the data will be sent.
  3. Include any special instructions for the purge in the Special Instructions text box.
  4. Click the Request Purge button to submit the request.

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