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The manifest is a useful tool that will display a printable list of specimens from a rack or container. This manifest printout can then be sent along with the rack or container for use in validating the physical specimens.
  1. Click Manifest in the Navigation Menu under the heading Validation.
    Navigation Menu
    Validation > Manifest

  2. The Container Selection screen will appear.
    Manifest select container screen

  3. Select a container from this screen by clicking on its name.
  4. The Rack Selection screen will appear.
    Manifest select rack screen

  5. Two types of manifests can be displayed from this screen:
    • Container manifest will be displayed by clicking the Display manifest for the entire container link at the top of the page.
      Container Manifest

    • Rack manifest will be displayed by clicking the Rack ID link of the desired rack.
      Rack Manifest

    • Both Container and Rack manifests show the Rack ID(s) and Specimen Count(s) of the selected rack(s).
  6. The specimen listing for a rack displays the following information in column form:
    1. Position displays the position in the rack where the specimen resides.
    2. Spec ID displays the ID of the specimen.
    3. Entered displays the date and time when the specimen was entered into the rack.
    4. Note displays any note attached to the specimen during entry.
  7. Print a manifest by clicking the Print Manifest button at the top of the page. This will open a new window that display a printer friendly version of the manifest and opens the print dialog.

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